Generosity is the first practice advocated by Buddha Shakyamuni

"Amongst the six paramitas (or transcendent perfections). Why is generosity important? It is the foundation on which all other qualities manifest – discipline, patience, diligence, meditation and wisdom.

It is the gateway to the path of liberation and it is the first step that we have to take to free ourselves from the binds of self-importance to achieve true happiness and freedom."

Vajra Varahi Healthcare Clinic (VVHC)



Vajra Varahi Healthcare Clinic is a project inspired by Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche to put “Compassion Into Action”. Our clinic in Chapagaon, south of the Kathmandu Valley co-ordinates delivery of effective low cost and free healthcare to those who need it most.

VVHC’s vision is “making accessible and effective healthcare, a reality for everyone”. They aim to put this into practice through sustainable projects and sharing thoroughly researched information about treatments of common ailments from different medical traditions.

They work alongside volunteer practitioners and supporters from all over the world who treat patients using acupuncture and TCM, massage and sacro-cranial therapies and homoeopathy.

What makes Vajra Varahi healthcare special?

VVHC is unique in training our interpreters to international standards to support English speaking practitioners.This means that our patients and doctors can communicate fully and accurately with each other.

VVHC is unique in offering a range of medical traditions under one roof. Practitioners are able to refer patients to each other, delivering the best mix of care to each patient and improving their own understanding of healthcare.

VVHC’s research aims are unique in that we will be able to compare the effectiveness not just of a particular treatment tradition – Tibetan, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Homoeopathic and Western medicines – but to compare them one against the other.g-40

VVHC’s skill sharing is unique -we have trained twelve interpreters since we opened and two are learning acupuncture while they work, and four have studied and now deliver therapeutic massage.

You can contribute by donating or volunteering with us. What your donations will do:g-41

  • US$3.50 sponsors a single treatment
  • US$30 pays a Tibetan, Homoeopathic or Ayurvedic doctor for two sessions, treating 40 patients
  • US$50 buys another otoscope or blood pressure monitor
  • US$100 will employ an interpreter for a month – and help a practitioner treat 480 patients!
  • US$155 pays all clinic bills for a day


Monastic Education Fund


The Fund currently supports over 90 monks distributed over two monasteries; Pal Do-Ngak Nyida Mindrol Norbuling Monastery located in Chapagaon, Lalitpur, on the outskirt of the Kathmandu Valley and Pal Kadgyu Shedrup Tashi Phunstsok Ling Monastery (Riwoche) in Boug-31dhanath, Kathmandu. g-30The sangha provides the solid foundation needed for the preservation and propagation of the Buddhadharma. As our Lord Buddha taught, without the sangha the Buddhadharma cannot survive. As Phakchok Rinpoche says, “A monastery without monks is just an empty building.” Our mission through the Monastic Education Fund is to provide a suitable environment for the sangha to flourish, and in that way become authentic Dharma teachers and practitioners upholding the Buddhadharma.
A single Dharma teacher benefits thousands through his teaching, and therefore the merit in supporting and nurturing our Dharma-teachers-to-be is immense. And bg-32y preserving the lineage of the Buddha’s teaching, one is not only helping the beings in this current time, but also in the future generations to come. A single person with a good heart benefits his surroundings and everyone he comes in contact with. His actions will inspire many, and thus give rise to the ripples of goodness which will spread throughout the world. Supporting a monk for a year is equivalent to giving alms to 365 monks for a day. Every single day and during every single meal, the young monks dedicate the merit of their sponsors and supporters, thus multiplying your merit immeasurably. You can support a monk on a monthly (US$40/month) or quarterly basis (US$120/quarter), or make an annual donation of US$480 to the Monastic Education Fund.



Scholarships for Higher Education


g-34Since 2010, CGLF was given the opportunity to help facilitate the annual admission of several Nepalese and Bhutanese students to study for their undergraduate degrees on full scholarships at Albukhary International University (AIU) in Malaysia, an outstanding new university founded on the values of compassion and respect. In June 2010, six Nepalese and two Bhutanese students were awarded scholarships and left to Malaysia to begin their studies. All of these students are from underprivileged backgrounds, yet very promising students who all share the wish to return to their country after finishing their studies to help their communities. Karma Dolma Gurung, one of the Nepali students now at AIU, said,

“We feel very blessed to come to this university because the staff here is very nice and all the lecturers are veryg-33 nice and very friendly. I just love the classes. The accommodation is very nice. I love it here because we have to participate in public service programmes as part of the scholarship programme. I am already engaged in certain activities at the university: I am a part of the Student Independent Electoral Committee and also in the peer buddy programme… Also, we finished our midterm assessment and I scored 88% whereas Ayush he scored 92% topping our class with another boy from Malaysia. We will definitely study hard and won’t let you down.”

Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation would like to express its gratitude to AIU for this precious opportunity.