Phowa (Ejection of Consciousness) retreat 2011 การถ่ายจิตสู่ดินแดนแห่งพระอมิตาภะพุทธเจ้า (แดนสุขาวดี) June 15-19 2011

There will be a Phowa (ejection of consciousness) retreat by HE. Chokling Rinpoche and HH. Phakchok Rinpoche. The retreat is going to be in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. (NOTE: limited places available, please book ASAP).

This profound Phowa skillful mean will enable us to directly transfer our own consciousness at the point of death to Amitabha Buddha’s Sukhavati, the Western Pure Land of Great Bliss. This immensely beneficial practice is highly regarded because of its conciseness, ease of practice, and ability to liberate us in an instant despite our heavy negative karma and disturbing emotions. Even if we do not become liberated immediately, at the very least, this extraordinary practice will ensure that after we die we shall obtain the precious bodies of gods or humans endowed with the freedom and fortune to continue our spiritual path uninterrupted by the negative karmic ripening of lower rebirths.

For more information please find the brochure here and the signup form (v3).
Contact: or call Ram at 0819855564

Official announcement can be found at:


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