Guru Rinpoche Day, 1st December 2014

Dear Friends Near and Far, On this Guru Rinpoche day, I would like to first share with all of you that I think it is very important to have a balance of dharma practice. We must consider our lack of practice, our lack of understanding, our lack of virtuous activity and also the difficulties we […]

Guru Rinpoche Day, 3rd October 2014 : What Does Enlightenment Mean?

Dear Friends Near and Far, Today, I am thinking of you and I hope you all have the benefit of sentient beings in mind. I am finishing a series of talks and teachings in New Orleans, Louisiana. This will mark the end of my time in the USA. Soon, I will be visiting our dharma […]

Guru Rinpoche Day: Four Points & Dusum Sangye Supplication

Guru Rinpoche Day, September 2014 Dear Friends Near and Far, I hope today’s message finds you all happy and healthy. I am in the car at the moment on the way from New York City to Martha’s Vineyard. There are four points I would like to remind you of on this Guru Rinpoche Day. Bodhicitta, […]

Mahamudra Retreat 2014

Our teacher, the precious Buddha, taught a great variety of different paths and gave many different teachings. One of these was Mahamudra, the Great Seal, the essence and peak of all dharma teachings, the supreme path of practice which leads the practitioner step-by-step to direct recognition of mind’s true nature. This specific Mahamudra text that […]